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Spring 2023

We are very excited to announce that in the spring of 2023, after celebrating its 100th outdoor pandemic performance, the LES ILLUSIONNISTES project is making its official leap to the stage!

"1927. Forced to replace his longtime stage partner three days before their show's grand premiere, a declining vaudeville performer, newly self-recycled as a magician, must contend with a moody, mocking new musician who comes to mess up a crucial presentation for an influential producer. ''

Borrowing the codes of silent cinema and Backstage Musicals, this deconstruction of the cabaret magic repertoire and performance of a woman-orchestra with unusual instruments (vibraphone, crystal glass harp,...) layered in electronic loops, a couple of telepaths invite all generations to this dysfunctional recital that is classic, self-deprecating and bewitching, .


In close collaboration with director and playwright Philippe Robert, set design Francis Farley, musician Andrée-Anne Roy and the world authority of modern magic Jim Steinmeyer, Marc-Alexandre Brûlé tackles a fresco theatrical and musical dynamic and compact to blur the boundaries of our perceptions and prejudices and, under cover of the fascinating aesthetics of the Golden Age of Magic, to pursue rigorous research that questions the place of magic in contemporary circus.



Andree-Anne Gingras-Roy

& Marc-Alexandre Brûlé

Dramaturgy & staging:

Phillip Robert

( Come What May, La Roulotte)


Illusions & magic:

Jim Steinmeyer

(Beauty & The Beast, Mary Poppins, Aladdin)



Francis Farley

( Cirque Éloize: Fiori-Seul Ensemble, Hotel, Saloon)


Jessica Poirier-Chang

(Green Curtain, Stratford)


Tristan-Olivier Breiding

Produced with the invaluable support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec and the Conseil des Arts de Montréal.


And a huge thank you to Evelyne Chagnon and the entire team at Théâtre Alphonse-Desjardins in Repentigny for hosting us in production residencies.


The show is eligible for the Destination Cirque – EnPiste financial assistance measure. Mediation activities available.



Magie Nouvelle's on tour across the city.

Magic, Clown, live music / 2 performers on tour

A dysfonctional Telepathic Duo right out a 1930's Music Hall
roams the city looking for a place to catch their breath
after their theatre burnt to the ground.

At the crossroads of a unique blend of magical feats
(levitations, vanishes, telepathic experiments)
and a one woman band of unusual instruments layered in electronic loops,
this novel theatrical duo invites all generations for an intimate rendezvous of Magie Nouvelle at the heart of the city :  a bewitching and witty moment with a very classic touch.

With Marc-Alexandre Brûlé and Andrée-Anne Gingras-Roy.


À propos

In between two COVID-19 confinements, the illusionist and magician Marc-Alexandre Brûlé and the musician and theatre artist and Andrée-Anne Gingras-Roy offered us a tour of outdoor shows for the elderly and underprivileged families of the Island of Montreal. Thanks to the support of the Conseil des Arts de Montréal, le Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec, the City of Montreal and La Tohu, nearly 3000 spectators were able to enjoy LIVE this duo entitled LES ILLUSIONNISTES, a theatrical hybrid between a concert of unusual instruments and a show of contemporary illusionnism, an outside the walls project unique in Quebec.

"I had dreamed for a long time of a magic recital" , says Marc-Alexandre, designer of the show and instigator of the project. “There was going to be very little for families this summer, let alone those in disadvantaged areas of the city, and these living environments have superb interior courtyards, perfect for this proposal. Especially since residents could stay on their balcony to watch the show! "

In partnership with some fifteen neighborhood round tables and community organizations, the spontaneous performances took place in various gardens of the Office municipal d'habitation de Montréal and were of course only announced secretly to local residents to avoid any gathering and to be able to religiously respect the public health measures.

The artists



Multi-instrumentalist musician and theater woman, ANDRÉE-ANNE GINGRAS-ROY has a master's degree from the Conservatoire de Musique de Québec as well as a performance diploma (combined music and theater) from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Andrée-Anne has been roaming the biggest stages on the planet for more than 15 years, first with Cirque Éloize and then with Compania Finzi Pasca. She contributed as a close collaborator of the director Daniele Finzi Pasca to the creation of the show Avudo - 375th Montreal and the opening ceremony of the Paraolympic Games in Sochi. She is also a composer and photographer.



Circus artist trained in Theatre, MARC-ALEXANDRE BRÛLÉ is a magician and designer of illusions based in Montreal. For 18 years, he has worked for the event industry where he has entertained events for hundreds of institutions. He is also artistic director of the iLLUSIONs DESIGN studio ( with which he creates and produces illusions and magical effects for the stage (Kodo / ExMachina - Robert Lepage; Daniele Finzi Pasca - Teatro Sunil / Cirque Éloize; Arturo Brachetti, Franco Dragone and Serge Postigo - Juste Pour Rire Spectacles National Theater School Opening Ceremony of the Quebec Games. He was a student of renowned magicians Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride. Complete bio HERE .


Place des Arts / Montréal
Théâtre du Marais / Tournée scolaire

La Commission Brassicole 2022 /

Culture Saint-Casimir & Microbrasserie Les Grands Bois

Maison de la Culture Saint-Laurent / Montréal

Série Festiculture Rivière / Maison de la Culture Rivière-des-Prairies

Maison de la Culture / Dorval

Festival de la Magie de Québec

La Tohu Cité des Arts du Cirque / série / chapiteau principal
Théâtre Alphonse Desjardins / Centre Culturel de Repentigny

Festival International de Théâtre de Rue / Shawinigan

Théâtre Du Marais / Val-Morin
Festival Phénomena / Les Filles Électriques
Montréal Complètement Cirque / rue St-Denis
La Tohu / Les Week-ends cirque
La Tohu / Le temps d'une pause: tournée des HLM aînés - arrondissement Villeray St-Michel (HLM André-Corneau, HLM Gabriel-Sagard, HLM Des Carriers, HLM Laure-Conan, Espace Soleil)
Ville de Montréal / Centre-ville Ville-Marie:  tournée des parcs (Toussaint-Louverture, Square Chabot, Au Pied du Courant, Prudence-Heward, Percy-Walters,  Des Faubourgs, Tours Frontenac)
Théâtre Outremont / avenue Bernard
Ville de Saint-Raymond / Agora du Pont-Tessier
Ville de Pont-Rouge / Agora du Moulin-Marcoux
Centre Culturel Desjardins & Ville de Joliette / Parc Antonio-Barrette
Vaudreuil-Dorion & Culture Mozaik / Parc Le 405


2021 summer tour


Cirque du Soleil fond blanc.png
Action Gardien.jpg

Les Illusionnistes

Magie Nouvelle'S RECITAL



Designed, written and directed by Marc-Alexandre Brûlé

Magical content and illusions: Marc-Alexandre Brûlé

Music: Andrée-Anne Gingras-Roy

Interpretation: Marc-Alexandre Brûlé and Andrée-Anne Gingras-Roy


Director, external eye and clown acting coach: Jesse Dryden


Sound and technical design consultant: Daniel Petit


Sound engineer, programming, MIDI: Jesse Léveillé


Production, booking and communications: Illusions Design Studio , Marc-Alexandre Brûlé

Diving bell prop: Atelier Alain Jenkins

Musical Instruments: G2 , Twigg Music , Percussion Warehouse

Main financial partner: Conseil des Arts de Montréal

Many thanks to Nathalie Morin, Élaine St-Onge, Danielle Lacroix, Véronique Lévesque-Arguin at the Office municipale d'habitation de Montréal for your full confidence in this project;

to Bernard, Samir and Leonardo from the Parish of St-Pierre Claver and Sergey Goulicof and to the Municipality of Frelighsburg for the work residences;

to Vincent Deronde for the welcome; to Olivier Bousquet  from MU & Anne-Marie Hamel  for the photographs and visuals;

to Percussions Warehouse for the vibraphone which was just IMPOSSIBLE to get anywhere, thank you!

But above all, all my gratitude to my dear partners who have been the real driving force behind this adventure and who have achieved masterful moves even from a distance:


Lucie Caillère, Joëlle Pépin and Yann Sauriol at the Harmony Project ;

Melda Saeedi and Gabrielle Goulet at Le Chez-Nous in Mercier-Est ;


France Joyal des Cuisines Collectives À All Vapeurs and Olivier and Romy at L'Axe Ppdi , youth center;

Bernard Besancenot at Multicaf ;

Julie Cormier and Sharon Sweeney from the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Community Council ;

Fanny Langelier and Gabriela Jakubiovits from Coalition de la Petite-Bourgogne - Quartier en santé,


Michael Farkas at Youth In Motion ,

Lyudmyla Yastremska at Habitations Workman-Delisle ;


Charles-Étienne Filion and Maud Marquer at Action-Gardien, community table - Pointe-Saint-Charles development corporation;

Pascal and Mr Mudi Kabeya from the African Development and Mutual Aid Center ;

Sandra Lesage from Loisirs & Culture Sud-Ouest;

Marie Stabler at Solidarité Ahuntsic ;

Sarah-Laï Nadeau at Entraide Ahuntsic-Nord;

Lynn Morin and Gabrielle from La P'tite Maison St-Pierre ;

Véronica Islas and Soraya Bourguiba from the Carrefour de ressources en interculturel CRIC Center-Sud;

Lucie Côté and Myriam Hamelin from the Corporation des Habitations Jeanne-Mance ;

Chantale de Montigny, Dorian Keller and Michel Cordeau of the Compagnons de Montréal ;


and finally

Luana Boxero and Arthur Didier from Resto-Plateau.

Photographic credits: Olivier Bousquet (MU), Anne-Marie Hamel, Philippe Brûlé, Vincent Deronde, Andrée-Anne Gingras-Roy.


"SPONTANEOUS MAGIC SHOWS directly in their garden"


« We had the desire to create a fully intergeneration show with adapted content that has the ability to touch, to be seen and heard, to be understood by the 5 to 105 years old without compremise. Magic for the eyes, musique for the ears:  two primitive disciplines where we can gather, just like around a fire. Beyond the musical prowess, the power of attraction of the magic opens the door to a wider family crowd less used to see shows, with the angle of discovering:  a Philip Glass piece on the vibraphone, the chance to hear a very rare musical instruments like the Glass Harp,...  Beyond.   Au delà des prouesses musicales, l'attrait de la magie est porte ouverte vers le public familial néophyte, dans une optique de découverte: du Philip Glass au vibraphone, des instruments rares (harpe de verres),... De par cette esthétique, on joue la carte classique, façon détournée de les amener vers le contemporain, en magie et en musique. Pour percer dans des milieux de vie multiculturels à forte tendance allophone, nous avons choisis une approche sans parole avec Jesse Dryden, qui enseigne l'art clownesque à l'École Nationale de Cirque, qui livre une mise en scène physique, compacte et dynamique tout en restant dans le poétique et la douceur pour de permettre une interactivité à distance en gardant l'aspect décontracté de la représentation afin de rester accessible pour les très jeunes et les plus âgés. Mais surtout, d'en faire un moment rassembleur qui transcende les cultures.»

Pour en connaître davantage sur les dessous du projet, nous vous invitons à lire cet articleérieures-des-habitations-de-montreal/



Marc-Alexandre Brûlé

direction artistique &

relations avec les diffuseurs

Tél : 514-531-8094